Blue Flower

Welcome to our Website!

We got our own Discord Server Running Join us NOW!


For our Ultima Online (FreeShard) Project:

We are mainly working on the Website + a Forum so we have a way to exchange informations and to do some Brainstorming (Planning)!


Just a few Informations that we can already give are:

  • Root Server Located in a huge German Data Center
  • Test Server on a VServer also Located in a German Data Center
  • Server Software is RunUO 2.5
  • There will be some CustomMapping (Centred+) in several Patches
  • Custom Arts, Hues, Creatures in several Patches
  • and much more

A Small list of already Active Scripts:

  • Custom Taming (Bio Engineering, Pet Shrinking, Potions, etc)
  • Custom Items (Levelable Weapons, Everlasting Bandage, Bank Hive, Master Looter)
  • Token System
  • Chat System
  • Town Houses
  • Yard System
  • a few Training Creatures and Mobiles
  • Custom Vendorstone / Vendor
  • Hireable NPCs
  • UOArchitect Stuff

First things in mind:

  • Luna Shopping Basement with Rentable Vendors / Rooms
  • OWTL System for Custom Craftables
  • a Newbie Dungeon
  • Trainingsroom
  • Thinking about Stat and SkillCap raise

so if you like to be a Part of this Project, contact us via our Forum or Mail / ICQ!


The Administrations Team